Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Nursing Purchases

I thought maternity shopping was difficult, but nursing shopping is sometimes even harder. At least when I was maternity shopping, I could usually just buy a few sizes up and I would be able to cover my growing belly. But nursing clothes are a slightly different story. 

During the first month or so when I was hardly ever leaving the house, the Gillian O'Malley nursing cami really came in handy. They are pretty comfortable and I bought these in every color. I would typically wear them with loose drawstring pants like the ones from Old Navy. They are currently only $11 bucks!  Both these items are super easy to wash and wear. If I wanted to run out the door or was expecting some company to stop by to visit Riya, I would  just throw on an old button down shirt or a cardigan on for a bit more coverage. 

I'm headed back to work soon and although I won't be taking Riya along with me to breastfeed daily (I wish!)... I still needed tops that would give me easy access for pumping. The Express portofino shirts are by far my favorite. I wore them a ton pre-pregnancy as well and I just sized up while I'm trying to get back in shape. I'm loving the stripped one I recently purchased during the 40% off sale.. I also liked their long sleeve front zip blouse. I haven't had a chance to wear it, so I can't comment on how well the zip up really works for breastfeeding or pumping. 

I picked up a few tops from Loft as well. I've already worn the mixed ivy lace bib shell and it looks great with some work appropriate pants and a contrasting cardigan. The fabric is easy wash and wear so I bought them in two different prints. The olive jeggings were an impulse buy since I was getting quiet frustrated trying to fit into my old jeans again. I know it's a little too soon for that so I thought these pants would be perfect for the upcoming fall/winter season. Before heading out the door, I also grabbed a couple of their soft vintage tees in a size up. Although these don't provide full access, they are great to layer on top of the nursing camis. 

The last two purchases are both a necessity in my book. A nursing bra of course! This one from Target is super inexpensive and is functional as well as pretty. I have them in both nude and black. And the skinny credit card holder was a last minute purchase from Express. With having to take a diaper bag with me everywhere I go now, I needed to have a skinny wallet that I could easily throw in the bag. I brought it in this bright red color so it's easy to see and grab. 

These are all my purchases thus far. I think I'll make it through fall alright, but I'm struggling to find some nursing friendly sweaters for the winter. If any of you seasoned mamas have any advice, please do share below! 

What have you been purchasing recently?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello Again

I have been contemplating getting back into blogging for a while now and today I've decided to jump right into it. Since the last post back in April (yikes!), a lot has happened in my life. I am now a Mommy to our sweet baby girl, Riya. Over the past couple of months there have been a few small hiccups. Thankfully, I've had almost 3 months of maternity leave to be able to give Riya my full attention.

In today's post I wanted to write about my thoughts and hesitations about blogging again. I'm sure all of us at some point in our lives have decided to start something new and exciting. Maybe it was a new hobby, a new diet plan, a new exercise regimen, or maybe it was a new blog. In the beginning it all seems very exciting and you're so consistent with it each and every week, but then life happens... you miss a day here or there and promise yourself that you will get back to it, but slowly those days start to pile up and you start to think that maybe it's just too late. Usually, it's been easier for me to get back into my hobby of painting no matter how long it's been... or get back on track with my "healthier lifestyle" after taking a few days or months off from working out. But for some reason it seems a bit more difficult with something more public like this blog.

During my pregnancy I had really wanted to blog about my journey, but after having a complication in my second trimester I focused all my attention on my health. Blogging took a back seat and slowly I just sort of lost interest. When I did feel like writing a short post here and there I told myself that it wasn't worth spending the time... no one is gonna care to read it... what's the point? I was embarrassed about my lack of consistency and laziness. A few months ago, I was worried this would turn into a pregnancy only blog and maybe now it'll be a "mommy" blog. I cared and worried too much about having a defined niche for this blog. But today I'm feeling reinspired by my little girl and I've decided to put those negative thoughts out of my head.

Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed journaling and documenting my life... for none other than for myself. My blog is like a public journal for me. I'm reminding myself not to take this so seriously. Pretty much each and every post I write is for myself. But I have to admit that I get very excited and feel special when someone decides to stop by and finds interest in one of my posts. I started this blog one afternoon because I was simply inspired by my surroundings. I wanted to document my inspirations so that when I read an old post, like My Spiritual Master or Be Your Own Happy, I able to revisit the sentiment I once felt.

No matter what direction this blog takes I know that each and every post will be true to where I am currently in my life and it will continue to evolve as I do.

I appreciate you stopping by and hope you'll continue to visit every now and again! :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts...Have you ever felt this way?