Thursday, April 14, 2016

April | small goals

March was quiet a month! As much as I expected it to be one of the best months of the year... it wasn't exactly as peachy as I had hoped. I won't bore you with the details. Overall, I feel that I did fairly well on my goals. Here's a quick recap.

1. Drink 64 oz of water a day.  I can't say that I drank 64 oz a day, but I did do a much better job of increasing my water in-take. Small progress is better than no progress at all, so I will be continuing to make this a goal an important goal in April as well. 

2. Upper body exercises 15-20 mins a day. I didn't do upper body exercises with weighs every single day in March, but I was able to do it more frequently than before. In addition, I incorporated more walking, yoga, and meditation into my routine this month. There are tons of helpful videos on YouTube and I've linked two of my favorites below. I'm trying to really listen to my body and being extra careful during these last few months of my pregnancy.

3. Complete my project for my nephew's playroom. I am so happy to report that this project is complete! I really enjoyed drawing and painting baby Loony Tune's characters for my nephew's playroom. My SIL plans on ordering square canvased photographs of my nephew to alternate on the wall with these cute paintings. I think it'll be adorable!

4. Continue to keep my gratitude journal.  Another goal accomplished this month! :) I've tweaked my routine a bit. Instead of writing in my journal at night, I've started to write in it during the mornings. I've made it a point to clam my mind, sit down, and enjoy my breakfast for at least 5-10 minutes instead of literally eating while I'm heading out the door. During this time, I like to reflect on happy moments from the day before and get in a positive frame of mind for the day ahead.

I realize that we are already two weeks into April, but I've had these goals listed on my phone since late March and have already gotten a head start. So, onto my April #smallgoals.

1. Start on our annual Shutterfly scrapbook. I have been scrapbooking since I was in high school. I really love it and Shutterfly makes it so easy! I've been creating an annual scrapbook since our first year of marriage and this one will be last one with just the two of us!

2. Pick out a color for the nursery. You would think that it doesn't take a whole month for a person to select a color for a room, but when you have two very opinionated parents, this can be a very difficult process. I'm leaning towards a more of a mint or soft turquoise color and my husband is more for a neutral gray or soft pink.

3. Complete our baby registry. We had previously put everything for the baby on hold at the end of February, while I was admitted into the hospital and then put on bedrest. But we have officially been cleared so we still have some time to get together with my friends and family for a small shower. I've really been putting off completing our registry because I just get so overwhelmed every time I start! How can something so tiny need so many items?! And why are there are billion options for every single product?!

4. Improve my diet and exercise. Pregnancy has been a great excuse to let myself go. Although I'm not looking to loose weight or fit into a particular outfit, I do want to be as healthy as possible... not only for myself, but also for my baby. My sweet tooth has definitely been getting the best of me lately. So, my plan is to cut down on sweets and continue to incorporate more walking, yoga, and light weights into my daily routine.

What are you goals this month?