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Second Trimester Capsule Wardrobe

Second Trimester Capsule Wardrobe

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm now into my second trimester of pregnancy. Although looking cute and fashionable during pregnancy should really be the least of my worries... I'll admit that it's still pretty important to me. Somehow all the little discomforts and pains seem a bit more bareable when I feel and look good on the outside. 

I was able to get through my first trimester in most of my regular clothes. A few first trimester essentials for me were my Luxe Essentials Maternity Leggings and a slightly thicker, more expensive version by Pea in the Pod for the cooler days. I also found myself reaching for this Beband from Target for those days when my precious leggings were in the wash and I literally had nothing in my closet that fit me. I would wear it over my dress pants for work or jeans on my days off. The Beband was a perfect solution during that in between phase before I really showing versus looking like I just had a big fat meal.  Besides that I probably only bought 2-3 tunic style maternity sweaters on sale to help me get through the cooler months. 

Second trimester has been a bit different. I have definitely popped and squeezing into my regular clothes has become quite a challenge. I'm still trying my best to stretch my current wardrobe as much as I possibly can before spending money on maternity clothes. My job allows me to be fairly casual. So, my go to items have been pre-pregnancy loose fitting tee-shirts and stretchy tanks which layer well under cardigans. Maxi dresses have also been a great versatile item in my closet. I can wear them on their own, with completer pieces (cardigans, jean jacket, or vest), or as skirts with a tee and a belt! 

Prior to getting pregnant I was really trying to invest in a few key pieces a month in an effort to minimize my wardrobe to only those items I truly loved. Although it's harder to do so now that I'm pregnant, I'm still trying to keep a few principles in mind when building my second trimester wardrobe.

1. Items must be stretchable and last throughout the majority of my pregnancy - I'm sure this is going to get extremely tricky towards the end
2. Items must be versatile - work and play appropriate
3. Items must be reasonably priced - you will not believe how expensive maternity clothes can get!
4. Invest in completer pieces and accessories - these can be used post-pregnancy and keep me from getting bored with the basics
5. Don't be boring - add some color!

I'm always intrigued by capsule wardrobe posts by other bloggers. Editing a wardrobe down to 30 something pieces and mixing them so effortlessly is a skill I'm constantly trying to master. Although I love a great basic capsule wardrobe, I also crave color and personality. So I definitely think it's important to have a few pieces with some great color, a versatile pattern, or just a basic item with some unexpected interest. A few of my favorite items is my polka-dot maternity top, the simple blue maxi dress, and a recent addition - my lace-up flats.

One tip I also recently learned from the Mademoiselle blog was to leave a little room for growth in your capsule wardrobe. Instead of selecting all 30 something pieces at the beginning, select only about 15-20 items upfront. Then add additional pieces as you slowly progress through your capsule and figure out what works and doesn't. I think this is also great way to help me shop for only those few specific pieces I might have had my eye, instead of everything and anything currently on sale. Plus, this tip is especially helpful if you're pregnant, as you always need a little extra room to "grow" - quiet literally. 

I plan on doing a separate post to show the outfits I've been creating with my current capsule. Although it can be challenging at times, I've had fun working with these pieces. Whether you're pregnant or not, I hope this post will be helpful if you're looking to try a capsule wardrobe this season! 

What are some of your essential capsule wardrobe items?

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