Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Favorites Lately

Yay, for Thursdays! That means the weekend is right around the corner and I can't wait! I'll be sharing what I'm so excited about in my next #3ThingsThrusday but for now let's focus on some of my favorites this week.

One: Yummy Veggie Falafels

I have been so busy lately with my new job and several side projects that it's been a little difficult to make a decent lunch or dinner. I was intrigued when I discovered these veggie falafels from Veggie Patch a few weeks ago at my local Kroger. I was a little skeptical at first since I'm not familiar with the brand, but I'm so glad I gave them a try. They are super quick and easy to make and you can even freeze them in case you want to stock up. Chirag and I are both hooked! So far, I've been a hummus & falafel wrap, a pita bread sandwich with a yogurt sauce, or sometimes I just eat them by themselves! They are really satisfying and seem to be quiet healthy... win, win! :)

Two: Mid-Week Date Night

When Chirag and I first moved to our new house, we had decided that we would try to have mid-week date nights. Sometimes, weekends are full of errands and plans with friends or family. So it's nice to do something with just the two of us to get over the mid-week hump. We typically try to go to the park, watch a movie, or try a new restaurant. A few months ago, we had been slacking on making mid-week date nights a priority, but summer has been a perfect time to get back on track.

I have several restaurants bookmarked on Yelp! that I've been meaning to try, but this week we actually went back to an old favorite - Pei Wei. Seems like they have really changed up their menu. I tried out the Sesame entree with steamed tofu and it was delish! As much as I like trying out a new place, it's also nice to revisit an old favorite.

Three: Favorite Movie of the Summer

Fast and Furious 7 set the bar pretty high kicking off the summer movie season. However, I feel fairly confident in stating that Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation maybe my favorite movie of the summer! Ethan Hunt had me at the edge of my seat within the first 5 minutes and Benji's sense of humor really cracked me up throughout the movie. I love a good action movie, but it gets a bit boring for me with a splash of comedy. I'm not very good at reviewing movies, so you can check out the full review on IMDb. If there is one movie you go see in the theater this summer I make it one of these two.

As Chirag and I were leaving the theater, he mentioned the crazy idea of making a movie with both James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Then show how the events of the movie unfold from two different views. How cool would that be?!

p.s. If you're wondering about my review for Trainwreck. I would give it like a 6/10.

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What are some of your favorites lately?


  1. I'm like you when it comes to lunch too, but those falafel bites look great! I'll have to see if any grocery stores in Canada carry them. And what a great idea to have a mid-week date! Happy Thursday :)

    1. I checked their website and seems like they do have some Canadian retailers. I hope you are able to find some near you.

  2. Vishnu has been talking about the new MI movie for months now! I think we may go watch it this IMAX of course! Because according to my husband, you can't watch it any other way!

    1. We didn't see it in IMAX... so considering that it was pretty incredible without it being IMAX, I'm sure you guys won't be disappointed!