Friday, June 12, 2015

The Summer Romper - 3 Ways

As you guys know, I added this cute romper from Target to my closet last month. It's a really good quality, light weight romper that is going to be perfect to take on our upcoming beach vacation.

I don't normally gravitate towards black during summer months, but I really liked the pattern and the fit of this one. Plus, the price was on point for me. So here are three ways I'm planning on wearing this item.

Summer Romper

J Crew denim vest / Xhilaration romper / Mossimo black sandals / Vince Camuto black shoes / Sam & Libby sandals / Rebecca Minkoff leather handbag / Tory Burch shoulder bag / Merona floppy hat / Ray Ban ray ban aviator / Tory Burch reversible belt

One: The Date Night Look

This look is my favorite. I had been eyeing this belt for a while. I never paid much attention to belts before, but I've come to realize that a good statement belt can really elevate a simple piece of clothing.
So, I was super excited when hubby gifted me this yesterday for our anniversary! :) Man, he has been racking up some major points lately. My favorite part about this belt is that it's reversible! Say, what?! It's black and camel colored. Two colors that I know will go with pretty much everything in my closet. The leather is good quality and the width of the belt is just right for me. I really like the bucket too. Since the belt is a bit pricey, it's nice to know that I'm technically get two great belts for the price of one.
Add some cute heels and a nice clutch and I'm ready to go! I didn't realize until now that I had forgotten to add any jewelry with this look, but besides my daily studs and watch... I really don't think it needs much.

Two: The Tourist Look

This look was a bit challenging for me. I really love black and brown together. I actually consider them neutrals in my closet, but I think the pattern of this romper was throwing it off a bit for me. I'm not sure I love this look 100%, but something about it tells me this might work.
One item I've really been on the look out for is that perfect floppy hat. It's a perfect way to stay cool and shield yourself from the blazing hot sun when you are strolling the street of the beach (or Jamaica). I really liked the one when I saw it online, but it didn't quiet work out. I think I have an abnormally small head.

Three: The Chic Casual Look

This is probably my second favorite look for two reasons. I love these blue Ray Ban shades, but I've been know to loose and break sunglasses like a little kid! I only own one pair of designer shades and I guard them with my life. I've had them for over 6 years! I love them, but I'm always super duper careful anytime I wear them and so I probably won't be taking them on our trip. That's why I love these babies! They are the perfect dupes and I can be carefree with them on my vacation.
The second reason being these gladiator sandals. I recently went to Target looking for some black sandals. The ones I first gravitated towards were something like these. They were a safe bet for me since I had recently retired a similar pair in a brown shade. But then I saw the gladiator sandals and thought... "I wish I could pull these off". I'm not 100% on board with the gladiator trend... I can't do the whole knee high look, but these seemed super cute and fun. I debated for several minutes before finally deciding to go out of my comfort zone and purchase them.
The vest is from my Feb/March budget post. The one I ordered online was a little big for me and they didn't have my size in the store. So I ended up returning it and keep forgetting to purchase the smaller size online. I think its a cute layering piece for the spring/summer months.

After having so much fun putting these looks together for this romper, I been tempted by several cute options online.  Like this colorful option and this palm printed one. I'm kinda wanting all three now! :D

I'm linking up with Rachelle from PinkSole for #HowISpring linkup... here in Dallas it's already feeling more like summer! :)

Which look is your favorite?


  1. i love the date night look with a belt, very pretty.

  2. I kept this post in the back of my mind when shopping this weekend! Unfortunately, I didn't find a romper in my size, but I'm on the hunt now! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Aw, I'm glad this gave you some inspiration, but sorry you didn't find one in your size. Check online... they have several other options too... good luck! :)

  3. Love a cute romper! Great styling options. I wore my first one last night to an event too. I styled it with a blazer and open toed booties :)

    1. That's a great idea! I'll have to try this one out with a white blazer maybe... thanks Salma!

  4. Love the romper! This is a trend I actually have not added to my closet yet, but I would like to! I love wearing black all year round, but I'm with you, I always feel almost "guilty" about wearing it during the Summer, like I should be wearing a brighter color instead. Something about the pattern and style still looks very Summer-y though, so I think you're fine! I think the tourist look is my favorite here, might be perfect for your trip!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. I think the key to a great romper is really in the material. I have tried on some that were just not flattering because of the way they hugged my body. So far I have two in my closet and love them for the summer.
      I'm so glad you mentioned the tourist look! That's the one I was most doubtful about.. but it's nice to get others opinion. Maybe I'll feel a little more confident about trying to pull off that look after all! :)