Sunday, April 12, 2015

From a Place of Abundance

I tend to like workouts that are pretty fast paced, really push me, and get me super sweaty. Mainly because by the end of my workout, I want to feel really accomplished and as if that 1 hour was totally worth it! I typically like to run, do the stepper, elliptical machine, or weights. But this past week, I was inspired to try something a bit different.

One of my friends had a free guest pass and invited me to try Gaia Flow Yoga. I had been telling her about how stressed I had been this week and really needed a massage. Instead, she said how about yoga?! She told me how she was loving the new yoga class she had join. I have heard a lot of people rave about yoga and how great it is for the body as well as the mind. My Dad and Mom do yoga pretty religiously at home. My Dad swears by it and is always telling me "You MUST do yoga, Reshma!"

I had previously tried YogaX as part of the P90X program. I did feel a difference after doing videos, but honestly... it was a bit boring for me. It was a little too repetitive and certain moves I just couldn't do! Plus, 1 & 1/2 hour was just too long for me. So I slowly started skipping those videos as part of the series. I am not sure what I was expecting to be different with this class, but something about doing with it a friend really inspired me give a try!

We decided to go to an early afternoon class since we both work from home and the evening classes are quiet large. Our class had only seven people plus our instructor, Katie. Before we got started, I realized that I was the only one with socks and tennis shoes on! I'm sure everyone realized I was a newbie! haha. I quickly took my shoes and socks off and settled in towards the back of the room with my friend. The room pretty hot. I started to wonder if I had just signed up for "hot yoga". I came to find out later that it was 95 degrees in the room and that "hot yoga" is usually 105 degrees! yikes. I was expecting it to be so easy and relaxing that I completely forgot to bring water and a towel.

Katie first started with about 10 minutes of ab/core moves. I was quiet surprised and pleased by this. The moves were quiet tough and I could feel my core quiet a bit. I liked really getting into it from the get-go. Then we took a short break to stretch and Katie went around the room asking students what was something they were happy or excited about today. It made the class feel a little more personal. I really like that! Katie went on to help us clear our minds and to "come from a place of abundance". She talked about coming from a positive place. Whether we were coming from a place of abundant happiness, abundant energy, abundant exhaustion, or abundant stress. You have an abundance of something. I have never thought of it this way... the word "abundance" put a positive spin on everything!

It was really nice to get into the rest of the "practice" (as Katie called it) with a positive state of mind. We then went on to stretches, deep breaths, and Om's. As the class went on, it started to get more and more challenging. Katie gave me a little more attention and really helped push me a bit further than I could go. As I stayed in the downward dog position, I noticed sweat dripping down from the tip of my nose onto my mat. I was sweating so much!! I was amazed at how challenging, yet also how relaxing the whole hour had been. I didn't get bored at all! Katie really kept the class interesting and really didn't repeat any of the moves.

At the end of the class, I laid there with a clear mind, relaxed, yet feeling accomplished! I was very pleased with my experience and the next day my triceps and thighs were pretty sore. The music, the smell of the essential oils, and the vibe in the room...the whole experience had been quiet amazing!

What is the place of abundance that you are coming from today?


  1. I'm the exact same way- I don't like doing a workout unless I feel sweaty and tired after. i know it's just a mind trick, but if I don't have those feels then I feel like I did nothing. I'm always surprised with how much yoga helps strengthen me. It seems relatively easy while doing it, but the day after I always feel sore. I haven't done any in over a year, but I've been wanting to for the past couple of months. Convince me to get off of my butt please :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Hi Marlen, happy to have you stop by! :) I know totally what you mean... it's hard to get back into the swing of working out again... try to go with a friend, it usually motivates me and typically more fun that way.