Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Sweet Potato Fan

I'm been a vegetarian my whole life, but I rarely venture out to try new veggies. I tend to stay in my comfort zone... onion, bell peppers, tomatoes and spinach are a must on my grocery list at all times! No matter what I'm making one of these three veggies ultimately ends up in my dish. Lately, I've been trying to make sure pick at least 1 to 2 different veggie and try a new recipe. So, recently I was inspired to make these "Sweet Potato Patties" by Chef Pri from Recipris.

I have been following Chef Pri's blog for sometime now and I would definitely recommend checking it out. She has delicious and easy recipes for some of my favorite types of food like Italian, Mexican, Thai, and of course Indian! Her recipes are not super complicated at all and I really love that. I have tried several of them with great success and this one was no different.

I sometimes like to experiment with recipes when my husband isn't round.... just in case it doesn't quiet turn out right. Typically, it's something I did wrong following directions versus the recipe's fault. I love sweet potato fries, but that's about as far as I have ventured out with this root vegetable. So, I tried to make these Sweet Potato Patties one day when I was bored in the middle of the  afternoon. The recipe was super easy and really didn't take much time at all. It turned out so good that I ended up having two of them for lunch. My husband also loved it! It's served with coconut cilantro chutney (my favorite) and has a kick from the Indian spices.

This recipe definitely made me a sweet potato fan! I also used an extra potato I had and made a "baked sweet potato" with green onions, light cheese, black pepper, and sour cream for a simple lunch later in the week. Another idea I had was to substitute for these patties in "Vada Pau" (mini Indian street sandwiches) usually served with a chili/garlic chutney. I'll post and update when I try this idea out. It's perfect to make a small batch a little ahead of time. Like most Indians, my parents love chai/snack time in the middle of the afternoon. I think these patties are going to be perfect for just that when they come for a visit this summer! Be sure to check out Chef Pri's post for the full recipe details and beautiful step by step pictures on this recipe and more!

Are you a sweet potato fan?


  1. Chef Pri(ya)'s blog is gorgeous, I just spent a while checking it out.

    These look awesome- I always enjoy black bean burgers, so I bet I would like this too!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Yes, I have been following her blog for years now and she is always doing such a great job updating and keeping it interesting! I love her little Q&A's for each recipe: Q: What did the sweet potato say to the potato? A: “I think, therefore I yam!” haha... I'm a sucker for silly jokes!
      The texture is a little softer of these patties versus black bean burgers, but you should definitely give it a try!